One of the sweetest and increasing popular things about weddings today is being able to have your furry four-legged friend take part in the ceremony.  Who doesn’t "ooh" and "aah" when they spot a furry friend walking down the aisle with tail wagging and looking their wedding best?.


But, as fun and photo-op cute as it is, including your pet in your wedding does require some thought.


Here are some things to think about to help you decide ...


  1. Has your dog got what it takes?  Is your dog friendly and outgoing, or shy and uncomfortable around people or in new situations?

  2. Decide what part of the ceremony you would like your dog to attend.  Is he going to walk you down the aisle or just be included in the photographs?

  3. Check first to make sure that the venue allows dogs!

  4. Make sure that you inform your guests of your intentions before the day, incase any guests suffer from pet allergies.

  5. Hire a pet sitter that will be with your dog at all times throughout the ceremony/day.  This will relieve any pressure you might feel to make sure that your dog behaves properly and this is where I can help!


Wedding Packages include:-


  • Collect your dog from where they are staying whilst you are getting married

  • Walk your dog on the morning to burn off excess energy so he or she isn’t too excitable and restless!

  • Give your dog a brush and quick groom

  • Transport your dog to the wedding venue in time for the service/photographs

  • Look after and handle your dog whilst at the wedding venue

  • Give your dog a walk after the wedding

  • Transport your dog to wherever they are staying whilst you are away overnight/honeymoon

  • If required, feed and sit with your dog until bed time


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